Cinco de Mayo recipe!

Cinco de Mayo recipe!

While Cinco de Mayo has become a bigger holiday in USA than Mexico, I love any occasion to celebrate my Mexican heritage. So this Cinco de Mayo I made a beertail inspired by my favorite Mexican cocktail - the paloma. A paloma is a tequila based cocktail with grapefruit juice and soda. It tangy and fizzy and perfectly delicious. To make a Beerloma, here are the ingredients needed:

-Grapefruit (to juice and wedge for garnish)
-Agave syrup
-Grapefruit beer (I'm using Traveler Grapefruit Shandy)
-Sea salt
-Zest of lime and grapefruit

Watch this video on how to put it all together:

Of course, I couldn't make a beer without complementary flowers! For Cinco de Mayo the only flowers you need are flowers for you hair ala Frida Kahlo. 

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