May the Fourth

May the Fourth

I started arranging flowers as a way to keep my hands and mind busy during stressful times, which as a mother to two daughters is nearly all the time. As I got more comfortable with arranging principles and theories, I started to branch out from traditional bouquet shapes. Arranging flowers based on craft beer was suggested by my cousin after I had posted on Instagram an arrangement I had made during a St. Louis Blues playoff game which also showed my celebratory 4 Hands City Wide beer can (they won, eliminating the Chicago Blackhawks from the playoffs!). Making flowers match a beer is so much fun and I get to learn and taste a lot of new beer. But sometimes someone will ask me to create something not related to beer, and I am always up for a non-beer challenge. Enter, the Star Wars Challenge. 

For a May the Fourth party, I was asked to create a Star Wars themed centerpiece. Now... I have never watched any Star Wars. (I know!) So I was online googling "Did the Death Star explode?" to see what sort of visuals I could recreate in flowers. But then I had a great suggestion from an online community of female artists: instead of light sabers and explosions, make the centerpiece based on the strong female heroines. After a little research I was sold on the idea of an arrangement to honor Leia, Padme, and Rey. 

My idea was to create the swirling chaotic cosmos of intergalactic space with the three heroines rising above to be the main focus. I created the base of my space interpretation using sand cherry, a deep purple maroon bush that holds up well in florist foam. I added in sprigs of japanese maple; their star shaped leaves and winged seeds that look like droid starfighters (see, I researched!) add subtle details. Next I layered in maroon fringed gerber daisies which i likened to collapsing stars and supernova. Red ranunculus was next to give depth. Their concentric petals centered on a small black pistil remind me of black holes. Finally, I added in black columbine  with their star like shape and yellow pollen adding even more depth as stars.   

For the three heroines I turned to elegant and complicated orchids. Beautiful, colorful, complex, and graceful. I felt the form of the orchid flower really represented the hooded costumes and warrior spirit of the heroines well. One stem of three varieties to represent each woman.




So there you have it! The feminist Star Wars flower arrangement for May the Fourth!

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