Mother's Day is OPEN!

Mother's Day is OPEN!

This Mother's Day we have 2 great causes to support and 2 awesome ways to do it!

Our Mother's Day bouquets come in three different sizes and support FLOURISH St. Louis. Did you know: St. Louis is home to some of the best health care in the country. We’re one of the nation’s most renowned centers for medical research, education and practice, with several top-ranking hospitals.

Yet, less than 10 miles from Clayton, there are neighborhoods with an infant mortality rate that is worse than some developing countries, like Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Flourish St. Louis is helping out St. Louis babies, mothers, and families. All of the bouquets purchased in our pop up shop will also help St. Louis babies.

If the lady you love is not local to St. Louis or you would like to honor yourself, consider sponsoring a pregnant or new mom in St. Louis to have a flower therapy session. We are hosting a flower arranging workshop for the Apoyo y Carino support group at Kingdom House and you can help put beautiful flowers on the table. With the Support a Mama program, your money will help a spanish speaking mother in St. Louis to have an hour workshop session in flower arranging. You can choose to do it in honor of someone else, and we will send them a card letting them know you were thinking of them. Win win!

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