May is a wrap!

May is a wrap!

Since my full time job is in higher education, I have always braced myself for the hectic schedule of graduation deadlines, reviews and then ceremonies that come in May. This year was also my daughter's first year in school, so we had the added elementary school year schedule to manage. Add in all the flower giving occasions that come in May -- Mother's Day, Administrative Assistants Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc -- and May is just a blur! And even though it is a total whirlwind of deadlines, at the end of the month when I am able to make the donations and reflect on the flower sales, it is completely worth all of the chaos.

Flowers and cheerfulness go hand in hand. 

First, the workshop with the women of Apoyo y Carino was a wonderful success! Thanks to all of the support, we were able to host 17 mamas in the workshop. It was so incredibly moving for me personally to be able to just spend a little time with the ladies and tell them my grandmother's story and give them flowers and creative license. They were naturals, of course.

Loads of flowers for the participants to play with.

Group photo! Thank you to the women of Apoyo y Carino and Kingdom House!

Thank you to all of the sponsors of this workshop! My grandmother's spirit was definitely honored and shared through this experience. It was the greatest Mother's Day gift I could have received. 

The Mother's Day bouquet sales were also a phenomenal hit! Aside from raising money for FLOURISH, the added bonus was taking a trip to my hometown of Mexico, MO to visit some of my dearest friends mothers.

All the flowers loaded up in my car for delivery!

I am always so happy to see my flowers out on the tables of recipients. Here is one I delivered to my former neighbor:

And here is how one of my friends gifted the mini bouquets. She hand painted mason jars and then adorned them with flower embellishments, burlap ribbon and chalk board stickers:

All of the mini bouquets are sized to fit perfectly in a mason jar.

I am so happy to say I was able to donate $350 to FLOURISH St. Louis! They have an incredibly important mission to solve the high infant mortality rate crisis here in St. Louis and this money will be put to good use. 

I still have the School's Out pop up for end of the year teacher gifts going, with profits headed to College Bound. That will close early next week, before I go on vacation! 

One lucky teacher already received this medio bouquet!

I am now looking towards summer flowers and creating workshops to benefit more charities! Let me know if you would like to book a workshop for your group of friends or for a wedding shower!

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