About microbloomery

Photo by Jacyln Miller PhotographyMicrobloomery is the result of my fascination with flowers and need to be creative. I have been working with plants in some capacity for twelve years. I started in college where I was studying anthropology and was required to take a course about agriculture and human civilization. Up until that moment, I had no clue I could be so enthralled by GMO potatoes and plant domestication! I spent a summer during college learning herbal remedies from a small farmer in Wyoming while I continued to study ethnobotany. After college I volunteered with a community development non-profit in Nicaragua for seven months. In Nicaragua my job was to learn the traditional plant medicine, create a line of plant based medicine for the neighborhood health clinic, and grow the medicinal plants in a garden. It was a life changing experience.
When I returned to the US, I started a seasonal job on a local farm before I landed a job as a research assistant at the Missouri Botanical Garden. As a researcher with the Garden, I was able to travel to Peru, Madagascar, and South Africa to continue to research medicinal plant use.
Today I take all of the in to account when I grow and arrange flowers. I strive to create intentional bouquets. I want my arrangements to not only be beautiful, but also to have meaning. My flowers can be a bit witchy, a bit magical, and 100% intentional. Microbloomery is a way for me to continue to play with, learn from, and share flowers with fellow St. Louisans. I look forward to sharing with you my passion for plants!

Alyse Kuhlman, microbloomery

Photo by Jaclyn Miller Photography